Learn Shamanic Journey

Katie Weatherup smiling through a pepper tree.Get personal shamanic training and support in a one hour phone or skype session combined with an online home study program.

Some people have found that it would be helpful to have some additional support while learning shamanic journey. This training provides individual support and coaching.

During the individual session, I will provide several types of healing and downloads. One of the challenges that people face when they start doing this work is past life trauma related to expressing healing and psychic gifts. So, I do work to heal and release major past life trauma in this area and to remove any blocks in the energy field that would prevent shamanic journeying.

I also create energetic pathways to the destinations of lower, middle and upper world. It is easier to follow an energetic pathway that I have anchored than to simply travel there on one’s own at the beginning. Finally, I strengthen the energetic pathways between my student and their guides.

As part of this program, you will receive the my full “Learn Shamanic Journey” program from my Academy: https://academy.handsoverheart.com/detail/VIDEO/learn-shamanic-journey

A soul retrieval with me is a pre-requisite. Visit the Healing page for more information on this session.

Cost: $135

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