Spiral Wisdom

Get the recordings from my six month shamanic training program for a self-study of shamanic journey.  The program is designed to allow you to:

  • Master the technique of shamanic journeying and learn how to apply it to your daily life.
  • Develop and strengthen your direct, personal connection to your spirit guides and the divine.
  • Learn skills for healing yourself and supporting others in their healing journey.
  • Heal soul wounds around power, sexuality, and embrace your shadow aspects.
  • Come into your power and embrace your unique gifts and abilities.
  • Release and heal wounds and patterns from past lives and ancestral lines.
  • Learn to walk in the world with right relationship and manifest the life you desire.


  • Twelve class recordings – most classes will include shamanic journeywork.
  • Ebook copy of Practical Shamanism.
  • Saturday Shamanic Journey class recording
  • Star Being and Outdoor class recordings

Topics include:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Past Lives
  • Power and Vibration
  • Shadow Work
  • Destiny Work
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Cord Cutting
  • Collective Consiouness
  • Dealing with Big Emotions
  • People Pleasing and Instinct Healing
  • And more….

Cost: $100

Spiral Wisdom Program