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Lose 5 pounds in January without Struggle
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If you’re someone who has a longing to lose weight as well as a high value for grace and ease, I’d love to support you!

Before you pull out the food tracking app, promise yourself to keep an overly ambitious gym schedule, or spiral into negative self-talk, let me give you some fun tools to align the energy and destiny paths behind your goal.  Too often, people are at war with themselves in the background when they try to make a shift towards a healthier habit.  If we get the parts of you that think they need the extra weight to chillax, the journey becomes lighter (pun intended).

Plus, as an added bonus, while dropping pounds, these approaches will give you a massive boost in shaking off all that icky cultural nonsense that ties your value to your size.  You may have plenty of peaceful, joyful reasons for wanting to drop some physical pounds, but let’s ditch any shame or self-judgment around this aspect.

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