Heal Past Life and Ancestral Pain from War

Two Powerful Journeys!  Just $47

Past Life Healing- Tuesday, November 14, 4pm Pacific Time

Ancestral Healing- Thursday, November 16, 4pm Pacific Time

Unburden Your Soul and Strengthen Your Ability To Thrive In Complicated Times


sunset over ocean with birds flying in the skyMany of us are feeling a lot about the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza.  I don’t know that I can help unwind the complexities of war on the world stage, but I know I can help clear away the soul burdens caused by war for myself and twenty-two other people, which will ease emotional pain and help us to thrive more fully in our lives.

Benefits of this work can include:

  • Free you from taking on collective pain.

  • Allow you to enjoy greater freedom to thrive in your life.

  • Help our ancestors to be free of the pain they suffered related to war.

  • Leave your soul lighter and clearer.

  • Eliminate karmic tugs and pitfalls from hidden war based patterns.

  • Clean up emotional and energy leaks from hidden war related trauma from past lives or ancestral legacies.

  • Create ripples in the collective that support all of humanity in all of the above.

This will provide immediate relief as well as creating ripples that go beyond what we can know.  We’ll use the magical law of “as within, so without” combined with the activism approach of “be the change you wish to see”.  In other words, by clearing our soul burdens, trauma, and pain from war, we experience healing and relief right away AND it supports our desire for humanity as a whole to heal and to come up with contemporary solutions rather than repeating old, painful patterns.

Whatever pain our soul is carrying from past life experiences of war will likely increase our pain and trauma in this moment when this energy is so active on the world stage.  Even if you’re not reading headlines, you’re part of the collective field and, therefore, your own unhealed past life wounds can increase the potential for an energy leak as well as causing you to take on collective pain and suffering. Right now, many empathic people will need to keep working to come back to center. However, if current events spark the hidden trauma of past life wounding or ancestral pain, you might feel like the well of pain, grief and/or fear seems bottomless.

Likewise, while most of the people I work with have not had their life badly disrupted by the ongoing armed conflicts in our world, many of our parents and grandparents survived terrible events and losses. Going back further in our family lineage, we can be sure that some of those who came before us had their world taken apart by war. Carrying the pain of our ancestors helps no one. This journey is an act of service to your ancestors. Plus, the work helps you to lay down and release the legacy of ancestral pain caused by war.

With the activation in the collective consciousness, it’s a powerful moment to do shamanic clearing of past life and ancestral pain and trauma related to war.

The more the energy lights up and activates, the more it hurts us, but also the more effectively it can be seen, energetically traced, and subsequently dismantled.  And, when you are not resonating collective pain, you become part of helping reduce pain instead of amplifying it, just by thriving in your own life.

Bonus- Unplug from Collective Pain– In addition to the ancestral and past life healing, in each journey I will also work to help you not take on the pain of the world at large. Running collective pain through your personal emotional matrix helps no one, only causes a lot of individual harm.

The more we release the unseen burdens our souls carry related to war, the more resilient and resourceful we become.

I hope you’ll join me!

The format: Just sign up for the healing. On the day of each healing, I’ll do the journey at the appointed time. You’re invited to come into stillness while the journey is happening, but it’s not required. After the journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 with details about the work.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $47