$20 Physical Health Activation

Increase and Sustain your Physical Health and Vitality- Just $20/month

Sign up anytime for the first of the upcoming month!

Our physical health and vitality is something that benefits from ongoing support and tending.  One of my favorite intentions in my shamanic work is to clear illness and disease before they ever show up in the physical body, for myself and for my clients.

I’m excited to offer this new program of four shamanic journeys per month designed to amplify our physical health.  I want us all to feel more vibrant in our physical body over time.

I love creating and tending sacred space and coming into long term relationship with teams of guides.

Every journey will include clearing of patterns of illness and disease.  Also, the sacred space is designed to pour life force energy into all of us, 24/7 in the background as well as in larger, more focused bursts with each journey.

This work is supportive whether you’re dealing with major illness, feeling stuckness or shame around making a lifestyle change, or if you feel amazing in your body and want to keep it that way.

Some of the things this work will provide:

  • Remove energetic obstacles that block healthy change
  • Align the energy body to promote physical health
  • Help you access your soul’s wisdom around physical health
  • Strengthen the destiny path towards health and vitality
  • Strengthen right relationship to the physical body
  • Gather energy on your behalf to fuel inspired action

In this program you’ll receive:

  • Four shamanic journeys per month to promote physical health.
  • At least two .mp3 journey reports about the work being done.  Depending on sign ups and bandwidth I may provide more.
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding with a team of guides to support us all in this area.

Cost: $20/month
Pre-requisite: a soul retrieval with me

One month- $20