Spirit Attachment and Entity Removal: A Guided Overview

Clearing entities (also known as spirit attachments) is important for those experiencing disturbances from unwelcome spiritual presences. These entities or spirit attachments can disrupt physical, emotional, or psychological well-being. Understanding their nature and how to address them is crucial for restoring balance.  Furthermore, it is important to understand how to prevent new entities from becoming attached after a successful removal.

Understanding Entities and Spirit Attachments

path through hills with bright sun on horizon. Text saying "The journey to being free of spirit attachments and entities, worth every step for the peace and well-being.Entities or spirit attachments are non-physical beings or energies that attach to a person’s aura or energy field. They may be neutral, misguided in attempts to help, or malevolent, but their presence is typically unwelcome. Attachments can occur due to vulnerabilities in one’s energy field, past traumas, environmental factors, drug use, or high energetic sensitivity.  I often think of entities and spirit attachments like the cliché of a teenager throwing a house party that gets out of hand.  Entities don’t necessarily intend harm, but they are loud and disruptive and break stuff and most of all, are oblivious to the impact on the person whose energy they are partying in.  In getting rid of attachments, the goal is to create an energetic environment, supported by clear and enforced boundaries, that make your energy body unavailable and unappealing as place for entities to be.

Signs of Entity or Spirit Attachment

Recognizing spirit attachment is the first step toward removal. In general, I’ve found my clients who think they have entity issues generally do.  I commonly hear about physical sensations, voices talking, and noises.  Sometimes the intrusive energies can feel like they are engaging in a sexual way.  These often interfere with sleep and concentration.  Some entities poke at people to get strong emotional reactions then feed off the energy.

The Process of Entity or Spirit Attachment Removal

Entity and spirit attachment removal involves several steps, requiring a combination of self-care, spiritual practices, and professional assistance:

  1. Self-Assessment: Reflect on recent your experience to determine if spirit attachment might be present.
  2. Strengthening the Auric Field: Practices like meditation, yoga, and Qigong reinforce your energy field. Regular grounding exercises help maintain a strong aura, making it less susceptible to attachments.
  3. Setting Energetic Boundaries: Establishing clear boundaries is crucial. Visualization techniques, such as imagining a protective shield around yourself, can effectively help to block negative energies.
  4. Home Protection: Protecting and cleansing your living space is vital. You want to have strong wards.  Some of the tools for this include protective crystals, salt, sage and other smudging to cleanse the environment of unwanted energies.  For information on creating wards, please check out my page on Protecting Your Home: https://handsoverheart.com/shamanic-healing/wards/
  5. Seeking Professional Help: Professional intervention may be necessary. Spiritual practitioners can identify and remove entities and spirit attachments. Methods like soul retrieval, which restores lost parts of the energy field, promote healing and resistance to further intrusion.  Want my help removing entities or spirit attachments?  I share more about what I offer here: https://handsoverheart.com/shamanic-healing/compassionate-entity-removal/
  6. Ongoing Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your energy field and living space is essential to prevent future attachments. Incorporate practices like building life force energy and energy cleansing into your routine.
  7. Create a strong foundation of basic knowledge:  Much of the information on the internet about entities/spirit attachments and how to deal with them is problematic.  A basic understanding of how to deal with entities is useful.  Ted Andrew’s book “Psychic Protection” is a solid resource.  Want to go deeper?  I created a program on how to Free Yourself from Entities- https://academy.handsoverheart.com/detail/VIDEO/free-yourself-from-entities

The Role of Shamanism

Shamanic practices, particularly shamanic journeying, play a significant role in entity and spirit attachment removal. Journeying allows practitioners to access nonordinary realities, where they can interact with spirit guides, power animals, and teachers for guidance and healing. This allows the practitioner to perceive the entities and spirit attachments clearly and find an intervention that works to get rid of them.

My experience is that there are far more types of entities than most people realize, and I use a number of different teams of guides and energetic intervention to clear them.  One of the challenges is that entities seem to beget more entities, so people often have a number of different types of attachments.  As a result, a given intervention may provide a reduction in the issue but might not be full spectrum enough to deal with all attachments.

Soul Retrieval for better protection

One of my best approaches for helping clients with entity issues is soul retrieval.  Because it restores the lost parts of a person’s energy field it removes vulnerable spots entities can inhabit or attach to.  When parts of the soul are fragmented due to trauma or significant life events, it leaves gaps in the aura, making individuals more susceptible to unwanted spiritual influences. Through soul retrieval, these fragmented parts are reintegrated, leading to a more complete and resilient energy body. This process not only heals past traumas but also strengthens the individual’s overall energetic integrity, making it more difficult for entities to reattach. By addressing the root cause of the vulnerability, soul retrieval provides a more comprehensive and is part of a lasting solution to entity issues, promoting holistic healing and long-term spiritual protection.  Learn more about my soul retrieval work here.

Psychological Aspects of Entity and Spirit Attachment

Entity or spirit attachment removal also involves addressing psychological components. The mind can amplify the effects of attachments, making them seem more severe. Developing a strong mental framework and training yourself to take your attention off the entities and spirit attachments can reduce their impact.  Entities and spirit attachments often activate our instincts as perceived threats, causing all our psychic perception to constantly focus on and track every experience, training our mind to prioritize and bring every sensation to our attention.  It’s much like if we heard a strange noise in the night- we might strain our hearing and focus all our attention on trying to figure out what the noise might have been and whether it’s a danger.  Difficult as it is, training your brain not to hyper-focus is a part of recovery.

In addition, there is a lot of correlation between entities attachment and mental illness.  Not everyone dealing with mental illness has entities, nor does everyone with entities experience mental illness.  But when these occur together, as often happens, it’s very difficult to clear spirit attachments and keep them away without also addressing any psychological challenges.  Those who want someone to resolve the issue without being willing to commit to taking appropriate steps for psychological healing can often spend a lot of time and money hiring experts with limited results.

You Can’t Fully Trust Your Senses

All of my teachers in this area, as well as my own experience, agree, it is much easier as a practitioner to remove entities or spirit attachments than to have the client believe they are gone.  Entities damage the auric field and as it heals, sensation occurs.  The mind has correlated that with entity or spiritual attachment and creates a picture in the mind based on the beliefs of the individual.  So, even when entities are gone, it can still feel like there are entity or spirit attachments.

I want to invite you to listen to this podcast on physical pain:  https://drchatterjee.com/how-to-heal-chronic-pain-with-dr-howard-schubiner/  and also this Ted Talk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwd-wLdIHjs

Entity and spirit attachment can absolutely register as physical pain as well as a number of other kinds of sensation.  By understanding how the brain maps pain and understanding it’s using the same pathways but in response to your energetic awareness, you may be able to start to see other possibilities than a one-to-one correlation of what you feel and what’s happening.  At the same time, I’ve never had a client come to me for help with entities and found that they didn’t have them.  For reference, most of my clients who don’t feel they have entities do not, in fact, have entities attachments.  So, your senses aren’t wrong, but neither are they reliably correct.

The Immune System Analogy

figure inside of protected sphere, symbolized protection from spirit attachment and entities

Entity/spirit attachment issues are likened to an immune deficiency rather than a simple infection. Strengthening the auric field and energy body is crucial, similar to how one would boost a compromised immune system with rest, nutrition, and supplements.

Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Tending to physical and mental health naturally enhances protection from entities by fortifying one’s energetic and emotional resilience. A healthy body is less prone to energy imbalances, creating a robust aura that repels negative influences. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest strengthen the immune system, reducing susceptibility to energetic intrusions. Similarly, mental well-being cultivated through mindfulness, meditation, and stress management practices ensures a stable and positive mindset. This mental clarity and emotional stability make it difficult for entities or spirit attachments to attach or exert influence. By maintaining holistic health, individuals create a strong, harmonious energy field that acts as a natural barrier against unwanted entities.

Caution for the Curious

While entity and spirit attachment removal are legitimate, it’s important not to become overly fixated. Engaging with the topic casually or out of curiosity can inadvertently attract such energies. Focus on positive spiritual practices and seek guidance from benevolent sources.  Qualified and proper training in using one’s psychic abilities can save a lot of grief down the road.

The Journey to Being Free of Entities and Spirit Attachment Takes Time

Achieving freedom from entities is not an instant fix; it is a journey that requires time, patience, and consistent effort. Much like recovering from a weakened immune system, strengthening one’s energetic boundaries and clearing out entities involves ongoing maintenance and self-care. Initially, professional intervention may provide immediate relief, but sustaining this state demands dedication to personal spiritual practices.

Regular meditation, grounding exercises, and energy cleansing rituals are essential to reinforce your aura and prevent future attachments. This is akin to installing and maintaining screens in the windows of your home—once set up, they need regular checks to ensure they remain effective in keeping the bugs out.  Over time, this maintenance can be minimal but not entirely set aside.

Healing underlying emotional or psychological issues is crucial, as these vulnerabilities can serve as entry points for entities. Addressing mental health, managing stress, and fostering a positive mindset contribute significantly to creating a robust and resilient energy field.

The path to being entirely free of entities and spirit attachment may be gradual. It involves not only removing existing attachments but also cultivating an environment—both internally and externally—that supports ongoing protection and well-being. With time and persistent effort, you can achieve and maintain a state of balance and harmony, effectively shielding yourself from unwanted spiritual influences.

Resources for Entity and Spirit Attachment Removal

  • Ted Andrews’ Book: Offers practical exercises for fortifying your energy field and protecting your home. It’s a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • My Entities Course: Free Yourself from Entities provides comprehensive guidance on understanding and removing entities.
  • Professional Help: Explore compassionate entity removal services here for personalized support with clearing spirit attachment.


Katie Weatherup, smiling with a tree behind her, is an expert in helping people with spirit attachment.Spirit attachment removal is a multifaceted process that requires awareness, intention, and ongoing effort. By strengthening your auric field, setting boundaries, and seeking appropriate help, you can effectively manage and prevent unwanted spirit attachments. With the right tools and mindset, maintaining a harmonious and entity-free life is achievable.

In summary, entity and spirit attachment removal are a journey of self-discovery and healing, where individuals learn to navigate both ordinary and nonordinary realities to reclaim their personal power and maintain energetic sovereignty. This comprehensive approach ensures lasting protection and peace.

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