Align Your Destiny Path

Align your Destiny Path toward health, happiness, and financial abundance, in a way that is compatible with and supportive of your soul purpose.

While we can’t control the future, shamanic work can definitely influence possibilities towards more positive outcomes.  In this add-on, I will work with the guides to strengthen your destiny path potentials that lead towards the optimized outcomes.  I’d love to help you have a really good life that keeps getting better and better over time.  May your future include health, prosperity, and happiness, as well as whatever you’re hoping that that future will hold!

In this journey, I’ll work with the guides to light up and strengthen your optimal destiny path.

Add on to any Shamanic Healing session!  Note: I don’t offer this with soul retrieval session because the work itself changes destiny paths so much for the better on it’s own.  There is a bit of time needed after a soul retrieval for the new, upgraded destiny paths to settle before we improve them further.

This add on is automatically included in the Soul Retrieval Follow up Session!

Cost: $25 (available as an add-on to a shamanic healing session only)