The Family of Origin Update

I offer this healing each year in December!  Join my mailing list for a reminder.  Want support sooner?  As long as you’ve done a soul retrieval with me, you can book a shamanic healing session and receive this work one on one.

If you feel like there’s an extra level of complexity in navigating relationships with the family you were born into, you’re not alone.  Whether you’re highly engaged, fully disconnected, or somewhere in between, cleaning up the energetic history gives us the most freedom and clarity in our adult lives.


As children, we’re vulnerable to the projected energy of our parents. This can take the form of a mother’s passionate desire to protect her two-year-old still lingering as outdated energetic structures in her adult child’s field. Or a father’s blueprint for the “Right Way to Live Your Life” that’s at odds with your soul’s map for navigating the world.

Imagine you were running two navigation programs on your smartphone, each trying to take you to a different location. The one from others might be at lower volume, but you’ll find your own clarity and inner compass more easily without other people’s ideas of who you should be constantly providing incorrect information in the background.

Finally, unhealed wounds and self-judgement that reside within parents and other influential adults are often projected onto children and can become another form of energetic intrusion. This distorted mirroring is one of the more damaging experiences we can have growing up.

This healing is a shamanic extraction. Whether you’re on good terms, medium terms, or no terms with your family of origin, it’s supportive to extract intrusive energy that they unconsciously placed in your field.

For those people in relationship to their family or origin, this work supports relating from a contemporary place, rather than past history. For everyone, this helps ease the impact of the pain of the past and clear away energies that distort reality rather and helping you to find your way.

I hope you’ll join me!