Get Back to Good

A one month Shamanic Intensive


One of the things that matters most to me is having people in my life who show up big when the chips are down.  If you’re navigating a dark, difficult part of your journey, I would so love to be there. I want you to feel that you’ve got this and that I’ve got you.  After all, how we’re held in times of challenge and crisis has a huge impact on the outcome of the situation and whether we carry trauma as we move forward in life.

Does this sound familiar? Your life is working well at a fundamental level.  Then, something happens– a health crisis, your child is struggling, you need surgery, etc.  Perhaps your romantic relationship ends (or really needs to but you can’t quite let go).  Some life circumstance has taken you out of balance and flow and, despite being someone who pretty much has it together most of the time, you find yourself struggling and it’s scary.

This one-month program provides massive, focused short-term support to get you back to center.  It focuses on calling forth the best possible outcome and dealing with the pain that arises when we get blindsided or derailed in our flow.  At a time when your emotion, mental, and/or physical resources are stretched, I’d love to be on your team.  Let me direct massive amounts of energy on your behalf.  Let me help you get back to good!

The One-Month Program Includes:

  • 3 shamanic healing sessions.
  • 1 month of shamanic space-holding with a sacred space dedicated to you in my shamanic garden.
  • Destiny Path work for the most aligned and supportive outcome.
  • Background and on-call shamanic work– write to me anytime and I’ll send extra support as well as working proactively in the background.
  • Energetic bubble of protection as needed, for example during a surgery.
  • You’ll be held in my heart and under my mama bear care.
  • Add-on healing of your choice. Choose from: Soul Purpose Update, Soul Note Illumination Healing, Calm the Instincts, Shimmer Rite and Star Being, and Physical Health Boost.

With a background in engineering and 19 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, I have detailed approaches for working with many of life’s major challenges and upheavals.

Space is limited to 4 participants.

Prerequisite- Soul Retrieval session.  If you do a soul retrieval with me and sign up for this program within one week, you can use the soul retrieval as your first session and take $100 off the price of the program.  But let’s work together first and make sure we’re the right match.

Free consult- Please email me if you’re interested in this program so we can see if it’s a good fit.

Cost: $747

Major Surgery or Health Crisis – This can be such a scary experience that can make you feel helpless. Let me hold you through it. I work on the destiny paths to support the best possible outcome.  I also work to strengthen your life wish and intention to thrive.  If there’s a surgery, I call in a team of guides to hold an energetic container.  After any procedures, I retrieve soul parts that are lost due to the challenges of the experience.  I add in lots of Reiki and other healing energy to give the body resources to heal quickly.  Also, I will repeatedly install the blueprint of health and track the destiny path for a swift recovery.

Traumatic Event – So much of my work is around cleaning up and clearing trauma. I have a huge range of tools to help you be free of this including soul retrieval, extraction, and clearing the energy of the past.

Relationship Ending – It’s hard and often complicated when we need to step away from someone we love.  I’ll help you get back your soul parts, clear the energetic structures, and move through the grief.  Let me help you ease your mind away from the hamster wheel of second-guessing and fast-track your heart to an easier place.  When you want to text your ex to reconnect, text me instead.

Job Loss – So much can come up when our employment status changes. Often, our self-worth takes a hit and safety/survival fears can be crippling.  When this happens, we lose access to our resourcefulness and clarity.  Some of my best approaches include helping to calm the instincts, activating the law of attraction to bring in lots of new employment possibilities, helping you to visualize what you’d like to call in next, and cleaning up any past trauma (especially from past lives) around the loss of employment or poverty.  The goal is to empower you to easily and efficiently address the situation.

Death – When we lose a loved one, be it a person or a beloved animal, it can take so much out of us.  Our society doesn’t deal well with grief, so often we get hit with the wave of unresolved past grief in our lives and/or unhelpful reactions from those around us who haven’t dealt with their own relationship to sadness.  I can be with you during this time, in the deep, dark spaces.

A loved one in crisis – many of my clients fair better with their own crisis than with the helpless feelings that arise when someone they love is going through something really hard.  I work often and deeply with people going through hard times without feeling drained.  So, my well of wisdom runs deep on how to be an amazing ally to a loved one going through a hard time.  If you’re doing well and are in your center, you’ll be better able to support them.  Plus, the guides have amazing wisdom on how to specifically provide support for a child or loved one.

Support for family or group – this program can also be used to support a family or group of people through a big change or challenge.  Chat with me more about what this looks like, as my approach varies a great deal depending on the circumstances.

Other Questions:

What if it’s not a crisis but I’m just super committed to a significant life change?
Absolutely!  I’d be delighted to bring all this support to bear on helping you to shift and change something that matters to you!

My whole life feels like one crisis after another.  Could this help?
We should talk.  This program is focused on people who are normally in balance but have come out of balance due to a change of circumstance.  I’d love to help you get to good and stay there, but an approach with a longer duration and lower intensity may be a better match.  That being said, this can be a great way to kickstart change.