Healing for those who’ve passed on

woman walking on beach under milky wayOne of the things I’m most passionate about is helping souls complete their journey after death with ease, grace, and beauty. Most souls find their way, but some get lost or stuck in our world. If the death is sudden or violent, the soul may be lost or confused. Also, sometimes souls stay in a misguided attempt to look after loved ones. When I work with the soul of someone who has passed on, I start by providing a full soul retrieval. Making sure all the soul parts are present and returned can help an individual come into clarity and alignment. I then call in loved ones who have gone before to help guide this soul to the light.

Often our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on still talk to us and hold space for us. Once they’ve gone through this process, they are empowered to connect from a healthy, ascended perspective, rather than as a frightened, earth bound soul. If someone you love had a difficult life, doing this kind of work will allow them to continue on their soul’s journey with less karma or things to clean up in future incarnations. I also find that it helps those who are left behind to heal more quickly and fully from the loss.

This work can be added into a soul retrieval by request at no extra charge. It’s also available as a standalone journey for $110 via email or $130 in a phone session.

Email Session

Phone session