Uplevel your Mental and Emotional Well-Being in 30 Days

No Homework Required!

One-Month Personalized Shamanic Intensive Begins Nov. 1

Shamanic healing is a powerful way to improve mental and emotional health.  It can help stuck energy and patterns gently shift into more functional, supportive configurations.  Plus, energetic interventions are good for creating changes in a way that’s gentle, leaving you feeling more resourced instead of wrung out from the work.

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While not a substitute for therapy or psychiatric care as needed, this work can also move past some of the limitations of these modalities.  In my own emotional healing, I reached the limits of what talk therapy could provide in terms of highly effective change.  Shortly thereafter, I found energetic work created massive shifts and healthy changes building on the foundation of more conventional therapy.

This program is designed to provide personal shamanic healing for whatever mental or emotional challenges you’re navigating.  When you sign up, we’ll chat via email about what’s going on for you.  Each journey will provide personalized shamanic healing that is unique to your situation.  Plus the journeys listed below will add in some specific healings (individually applied on your behalf) which I believe will help us all in navigating the mental and emotional complexities of being human.

Everyone receives the following journey work with .mp3 journey reports for each one:

Journey 1- Dismantle thoughtforms and clear other people’s ideas of who you should be. Our self-image can be distorted by the stories and unhealed wounds other people project onto us, undermining our sense of self and clarity on how to move through the world.  This very specific shamanic extraction will help you move from your own wisdom and see yourself in a more balanced, kind way.  In addition, if you’ve have a mean or stressful thought(s) about yourself that goes round and round, I’ll work to dismantle the energy and clear it out of your field.

Journey 2- Clear emotional debt.  Sometime old, unprocessed emotions build up in our body.  It causes greater reactivity and makes us more vulnerable to fatigue and illness.  I’d love to use shamanic extraction to help clean out energy and help you release old emotional pain and anger in a gentle but highly accelerated way.  I’ll include tips for continuing this work on your own in the journey report.

Journey 3- Clear trauma and dismantle energy of past painful experiences.  I have a great trauma (or just old pain) clearing intervention that I’ve found to be highly effective.  You can read about the full protocol here: https://handsoverheart.com/shamanic-healing/clear-trauma/

Journey 4- Shamanic Healing for the Brain. Just as I do work on the blueprint of health for the physical body, I will work with the guides to help the different parts of your brain work together in a healthy, functional way.  This could include support for neuroplasticity in which your brain re-aligns for healthier thought patterns.  It’s can also help balance your fight or flight response with your executive, thinking brain and perhaps even help your biochemistry to be supported in coming into appropriate alignment.  I never know the full scope of what can move and change with focused shamanic healing and this kind of journeywork brings in expert guides to work on your behalf.

In addition to the healing listed above, I will do personal shamanic healing work for you to help uplevel your emotional and mental health and well-being in each of the four journeys.  Consider which track is the best fit and then fill me in on the specifics of your situation. Please note, I can’t provide personal .mp3 journey reports for this part.

Track One: Your mental and emotional health is pretty darn solid.  Sure, there’s always optimization, but overall this aspect of life is functional and generally aligned.  For this track, I’ll be working on cleaning up any old energy of past struggles and making sure your mental and emotional bodies are clear and supporting you.  I’ll also focus on supporting the interface of your unique beingness with the larger would around you so you can be in your most authentic expression AND move gracefully in the world in a way that aligns with your most optimal experience.

Track Two: One or two specific areas you’d like to see shift.  For this track, you have some areas you’re specifically working with and would like a big shamanic healing boost in getting them sorted.  This could be self-critical thinking or something like depression or anxiety.  Maybe you have addictive tendencies you’re trying to wrangle.  You might already have a lot of wisdom and a number of tools but need a fresh approach and some more support.

Track Three: There’s a significant gulf between the experience you’re actually having and the experience you’d like to be having mentally and emotionally.  This track involves deeper foundational work to help things to shift and change.  With this track, it may be wise to have other kinds of support as well.  Although, often with my clients who’d be a good match for this track, they are already getting help and it’s just not moving the dial as much as it needs to.

Bonus: Sacred Space- Be held by a team of guides 24/7 to help your soul release the burden of regret and your energy body to integrate that new clarity. The team of guides provide ongoing nuanced support and help smooth out bumpiness that comes with healing and transformation.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $147