Shamanic Weight Loss Jump Start- Just $36

1 Week, 3 Shamanic Journeys
Starts January 19

Get a jump start on weight loss in the New Year with an energetic boost!

This offer includes:

  • Clearing of old pain around weight gain.
  • Healing past lives with trauma around food.
  • Installation of the blueprint of your optimal weight.
  • Destiny path tracking and amplification for a happy, successful weight loss journey.
  • And more…

In addition, you’ll be held in sacred space 24/7 for the week with a team of guides supporting a graceful shift.

You can just relax and receive or pair this program with lifestyle changes of your choice.

To be clear, I don’t have the story that anyone *should* lose weight.  I believe that we can be healthy and happy at any weight.  But, if there’s pain around a difference between how much physical weight you carry and what you’d prefer for your body, I’d love to help!

Ready to go deeper?  Get this program free with purchase of my Shamanic Weight Loss program (offer valid for purchases between Dec 2 and Jan 19).  Just $97-

Cost: $36 (or free with Shamanic Weight Loss program)