Shamanic Weight Loss Jump Start

One Month Program Begins May 15

Get a big boost for successful, aligned weight loss!

When attempting to lose weight, it often feels like a huge effort for a meager result.  I want to help flip that around by working with the energy in a highly focused way.  To be clear, I don’t have the story that anyone *should* lose weight, but I want everyone to have access to joyful embodiment.  If your weight is the way of that, I’d like to help you shift that obstacle without struggle. In other words, if losing weight is something you want, if only it didn’t feel like such an uphill battle, I’d love to help!

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The longing to lose weight without struggle is often thwarted by hidden factors that can sabotage forward movement.  In this shamanic intensive, I’ll provide personalized shamanic work to boost your results and to anchor a new, improved destiny path for your weight loss journey.  Get the energy lined up and working in the background to complement whatever action you’re taking to lose weight.

This offer includes shamanic work to:

  • Clear old pain around weight gain and carrying more weight than you would prefer.

  • Install the blueprint of your optimal weight and support your body in aligning with it.

  • Track and strengthen the Destiny Path of happy, successful weight loss journey.

  • And more…

In addition, you’ll be held in sacred space 24/7 for a month with a team of guides supporting a graceful shift.

This program will include a series of three journeys
, done over the course of a month.  The first journey will cover healings that are good for all of us and include an .mp3 with messages from the guides.  The next two journeys will be focused, personalize shamanic work to support you in shifting to your optimal weight with grace and ease.  I won’t do journey reports for the second two journeys, as the work is personalized for each person.

Want to hear me talk on the subject?  Check out my Shamanic Weight Loss Podcast Episode or upgrade to get my full Shamanic Weight Loss Program for half off!

You can just relax and receive or pair this program with lifestyle changes of your choice.

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Cost: $45 (Intensive program only)

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