Referral Reward

Get a Burst of Shamanic Support!

I so appreciate when people send their friends and loved ones to work with me!  I’d like to reward you by doing a bit of extra shamanic work on your behalf.

The offer: If you refer someone and they do a soul retrieval session with me, I’ll do shamanic work on your behalf for a single issue of your choosing!

Due to time constraints, I won’t send an .mp3, but I’ll connect with you in shamanic reality and work on the request with the guides.  This is great for a health boost, calling in a new job or juicing up money flow, or being supported in a vulnerable moment or important event.  If it’s a complicated thing, a session may be recommended, but for a clearly stated shift, change, outcome, or healing desire, this is a great way to get some focused energy moving. Just send me an email (Contact Me Here) with your request!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I referred someone in the past?  Yes, I’m offering a onetime retroactive referral reward if someone you referred someone (or several people) who did a session in the past.

Can I use the work for someone else? No, this is for you.  Two reasons: I don’t have to worry about permission if you make the request and it’s easier to tune in and be effective in this work if we’ve already worked together.

What about referrals for group offers?  Much appreciated! However, this reward is specifically for people who do sessions.  That being said, I’m looking at offering bonuses for the whole group when I have a certain number of people sign up for group healings.

How long can I wait to make my request? I’d appreciate it if you’d reach out within a few months of the friend doing the session.

What if I gift someone a session?  Totally counts!  Just let me know what you’d like me to work on for you.

Will you reach out to me if someone books? It’s possible, but with the fullness of my practice, most likely it’s not something I can track for you.  Also, it’s best to confirm with the other person that they did a session with me, since there’s a bit of confidentiality in talking about who has or hasn’t booked with me.