Thriving through the Retrogrades

Now – Sept 13

This program began on July 26, but if you’re feeling like you could use some extra support, you can still join at a discounted price.

There are six planets plus Chiron in retrograde during these dates.  Invite ease and right relationship with these transmissions from the cosmos!

In this program, you’ll be held in sacred space for seven weeks.  This will cover the height of this energy movement, including support through the entire Mercury retrograde.  This period also has a full lunar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse, which add further energetic intensity.

Mercury- Retrograde July 26-Aug 19
Mars- Retrograde June 27-Aug 27
Saturn- Retrograde April 18 – September 6
Uranus- Retrograde August 7 – January 7
Neptune- Retrograde June 19 – November 25
Pluto- Retrograde April 22 – October 1
Chiron- Retrograde July 4 – December 9

The program is designed to:

  • Connect you to a team of guides to help organize, calibrate and align the energy.
  • Soften and filter the intensity.
  • Provide extra protections from the energy of other people who are overwhelmed by the intensity.
  • Help you understand and receive the gifts from each planet in a way that is graceful.

Program includes 24/7 connection to sacred space plus one journey per week (7 total) with energy work and messages from the guides about each planet in retrograde and how to support yourself as those influences and transmissions move through.

Join now for discount “late start pricing”.

Discounted Cost: $80

Discounted rate for those in Shamanic Chakra Intensive and/or Shamanic Support Intensive: $60


More on the group healing format: