Shamanic Healing for a Healthy Body

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A One Month Intensive to Uplevel Your Physical Health

(Even if you’re already pretty darn healthy)

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Get focused, in-depth support for your physical health!  While not a substitute for the most up to date medical care available to you, shamanic healing is a wonderful compliment to other kinds of health care and supportive lifestyle choices.  Ideally, we can clear illness before it ever manifests in the physical.  And if you are dealing with symptoms, shamanic healing can remove root causes that might be anchoring those issues, so they are better able to resolve and improve.

While improved lifestyle choices surely factor in, I believe the shamanic and energetic work I do has been the largest factor in my experiencing an upward spiral of greater health, even as I get older.  And, frankly, any lifestyle improvement choice, whether it’s diet or exercise or sleep has tended to come out of shamanic and energetic work that made it attainable to implement in daily life.

This healing offers different tracks as our physical health goals vary based on what we’re dealing with.  We’ll chat briefly via email before we kick off so I can understand your specific health situation.

All Tracks Receive:

  • Installation of the Blueprint of Optimal Health
  • Personal Shamanic Healing to Strengthen and Amplify your Health
  • Destiny Path Work to Support Upward Spiral of Future Health
  • Work to Calm of Fight or Flight Activation

Track One: You have no major health issues and want to keep it that way!  For this approach, we are working proactively to further solidify your health and clear potential illness before it manifests.

Journeywork will also include:

  • Clearing of Past Life Illnesses and Disease
  • Clearing of Negative Ancestral Health Legacies
  • Personalized Shamanic Healing and Support

Track Two: You have one specific and significant health problem.  This track focuses on personal shamanic healing aimed at a specific issue.  For example, someone undergoing treatment for cancer would pick this track.  The work may move through ancestral work, past life work, extraction, or other healing interventions specifically selected to support you.  There is no set formula because this work includes four personalized healing journeys around the health problem you’re wanting to shift.  Please note, I can’t provide personal .mp3 journey reports.  If that’s something you’d like, please consider booking a series of one-on-one session instead.

Track Three: You have a list of impactful health issues and problems.  Some of the people I work with have a number of areas that their body isn’t functioning optimally or is causing pain.  The work is similar to that in Track Two with four personal healing journeys, but focuses more globally on the overall, interconnected nature of health rather than one specific area.  Rather than rebalancing one thing, this work often is about supporting your overall physical health in improving.

When you sign up, please email me to let me know which track best fits for you and the specifics of your physical health situation.  If anxiety and/or stress is something you’re experience a lot of, please let me know that as well.  This work is fully personalized and I’ll be doing shamanic healing work similar to what I offer in one on one session, just without a personalized journey report.  However, I will share some overall messages from the guides in .mp3s.

Bonus: Sacred Space- Be held by a team of guides 24/7 to help your soul release the burden of regret and your energy body to integrate that new clarity.  The team of guides provide ongoing nuanced support and help smooth out bumpiness that comes with healing and transformation.  Sacred space is available Sept 1 – 30.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $147

Sign up for my mailing list to get your invitation to this event when it’s next offered!