Soul Note Illumination Healing

Soul Note Illumination Healing – Just $36

We all have a core soul note or vibration. Sometimes this become quiet, diminished, or even dormant due to the energies around us. This healing allows me to work with the guides to attune to your personal soul note and amplify it. But increasing this vibration of your core essence, it tends to vibrate away energy that you may have taken on from other people or situations. Think of it as a deep soul cleansing. In addition, the work attunes the various aspects of your being to your core soul note, increasing the harmony in every area of expression with your deepest self.

The healing takes 10-15 minutes. We’ll connect briefly on the phone or via Skype. Then I’ll get off the call and do the shamanic journey as described in the video. After that, I’ll touch base with you. The healing includes a guided shamanic journey so that you can connect with this healing on your own.

This is highly recommended following a soul retrieval. It’s also a good “tune up” anytime you’re feeling that you’re disconnected or overwhelmed. You can receive it once or many times.

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Cost: $36