How to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your VibrationWhen we raise our vibration (or make our energy brighter), we move through the world more easily.  It improves our direct, in-the-moment experience.  It also helps us to manifest things that support us and deflect things that do not.  There are many things we can do to raise our vibration.  I will talk about a number of them in this article.  I offer still more in my podcast episode on How to Raise Your Vibration.  Just look for episode number 79 and the “Practical Shamanism Podcast” wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

What is Vibration and Why Do We Want to Raise It?

In this context, (unlike my days studying for my engineering degree) when we talk about vibration, we can think of it as a personal energetic reality at a given time.  We could also use words like “light” or “frequency” or “energy body state” to point to this concept.  We want this to be in a clear, vibrant state, rather than dampened by heavy or intrusive energy.  So it’s useful to learn how to raise you vibration.

One of the challenges in talking about this is that we’re using language and phrases to speak about something that doesn’t have mainstream language.  If you want to talk about an apple, that’s something that translates clearly into language with an agreed-upon meaning.  But here we’re talking about a metaphysical concept in the modern era where we all come from different spiritual backgrounds.  So, we end up assigning language in an effort to illuminate something that may be experienced differently by different people.

Sometimes this ends up making commonly used metaphysical phrases sound like code words or jargon.   And so, I’m using the phrase “how to raise your vibration”.  When I use it, it is to speak about how to make the light shining from your soul clearer.  How to make your energy body clearer, shine brighter, and be more aligned with your true essence.

The more energetically sensitive someone is, the more having a clean, clear, bright energy body will feel amazing.  It will also improve quality of life.  In fact, sometimes people experience what they think of as depression in the psychological or emotional sense, when actually their vibration is simply not at the ideal place for them to feel good.

Advantages to Raising Your Vibration

Clean, bright energy, caused by having your ideal vibration can offer a multitude of benefits for your overall well-being and spiritual growth. Ssome of the advantages associated with increasing your vibrational frequency:

  1. Alignment with Your True Essence: Raising your vibration, you align yourself with your true essence, enabling a deeper connection with your inner self and purpose.
  2. Enhanced Energy Body: Increasing your vibration can lead to a more vibrant and balanced energy body, promoting physical, emotional, and mental wellness.
  3. Better Energetic Protections: It becomes harder for misaligned energies or entities to intrude into your field. If our vibration is clear and congruent with our soul, it’s going to just sort of wave off the things and people and situations that don’t align.
  4. Personal Transformation: Raising your vibration facilitates personal transformation by opening up opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution.
  5. Improved Allergy Management: Okay, this specific, but my allergies improved dramatically as I began to work with energy in a conscious way. The combination of raising my vibration and eliminating energy leaks made a dramatic difference.
  6. Increased Awareness: Raising your vibration makes things cleaner and clearer, and thus enhances awareness of your body’s signals, emotions, and energy, allowing for better self-care and holistic well-being.
  7. Attracting Positive Experiences: Elevating your vibration can attract positive outcomes and experiences while repelling negativity, creating a more fulfilling and harmonious life.
  8. More Fun and Happiness: Having too much vibrational density gets in the way of fun, joy, happiness, fulfillment. As you raise your vibration, you remove obstacles to these things.

By incorporating practices and focusing on raising your vibration, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.  This leads to a more balanced and fulfilling life just by mastering how to raise your vibration.

How to Raise Your Vibration

There are many techniques that can help to raise your vibration.

  • Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga
  • Exercise in general
  • Healthy foods
  • Natural light
  • Self-compassion and releasing shame
  • Shadow work-
  • Time in nature or even watching a nature video
  • Nourishing social connection
  • Hot or cold water
  • Rocks and crystals
  • Energy clearing techniques such as smudging or Reiki
  • Cultivating emotions like wonder and gratitude
  • Self-nurturing
  • Getting into “Flow State” where you’re engaged with something fully and positively.
  • Anything that provides care for your physical, emotional, and/or mental health
  • Chanting or meditation
  • Breathwork

These are some ideas to get you started.  Ideally, you want to create a personal list with everything you know about things you can do that holistically move you toward ease and relief when you’re feeling down.  And toward more alignment and vitality when things are good.  When we’re struggling, we’re not very good at brainstorming.  So, keeping a list on your phone is a great way to keep access to your inspiration of things you know work well or things you want to try out and see how they work.  There’s a lot of research and development in this journey as you find your optimal “care and feeding of my personal vibration” approach.

Finding Your Optimal Options for How to Raise Your Vibration

Over time, we focus our efforts on the highest return on investment, meaning things that provide the best results for the least energy.  Least energy means something that is easy to access and do.  For example, I find I respond very well to heat in a hot tub or a sauna to clear my energy and raise my vibration.  But as I have a hot tub in my yard and no immediate access to a sauna, a hot tub is much more attainable and therefore aligned as a “go-to” approach.

Likewise, I love traveling to power places and that raises my vibration greatly.  But the time and money for travel mean this isn’t a good plan on a random Tuesday when I’m feeling grumpy.  However, as a shamanic practitioner, I can take myself to a place of power in a journey and work with the energy.  Or even hold a rock from a power place, and get some great support.  So, always look for things that have a good intersection of high ease and effectiveness as your “go-to”.

Dealing with Resistance

It’s also worth noting that when we’re struggling, we’re likely to resist things that would easily make us feel better.  So, having things that don’t evoke high levels of resistance is helpful.  For example, if you feel like you’d argue with yourself about a walk in nature, but are willing to watch a video of a sunset on a beach while taking some deep breaths, the attainability of getting yourself to do the latter makes it more useful in that moment.

Finally, it’s great to find things that combine goals for other areas.  Good, aligned exercise will support your brain health, your body overall, your mood.  It’s also a great answer to how to raise your vibration.  I always love being able to work on many goals at the same time.

Find some yin options

It’s good to know some things that don’t feel effortful to raise your vibration.  This could be watching the nature channel or listening to singing bowls.  A lot of the time we think of “doing” things, but vibration is very much a “being” thing that we might do some things to enhance.  I’m a fan of finding ways to create a shift in which we can just relax and receive a stimulus that shifts our energy.  Yin options that don’t feel effortful are a fantastic part of your approach to how to raise your vibration.

Having Someone Else Raise Your Vibration for You

Image of Katie Weatherup. Learn how to raise your vibration with help.I’m a big fan of having things we do for ourselves as well as getting help from others.  Receiving Reiki or other energy healing sessions can be a wonderful thing.  The shamanic work I do for clients is hugely supportive of removing energetic weight and density that get in the way of having your vibration at the optimal frequency for you.

I also have some focused energetic interventions that help with this – specifically, my Soul Note Illumination Healing or Shimmer Rite protocol.

I’m very interested in supporting my clients in ways that create effective change without them having to exert more time or effort.  Being able to just relax and receive can feel amazing when things get heavy, stuck, or just full and busy.

Want more information?

I talk in more (and different) detail about How to Raise your Vibration in my podcast.  Just look for episode number 79 and the “Practical Shamanism Podcast” wherever you like to listen to podcasts.