Space Clearing for your Home

Energetically sensitive people benefit greatly from an environment withWaterfall to pool below clean, clear energy. But sometimes, when you most need your space to be clear, it feels the hardest.  I totally get that cleaning up stuck, stagnant energy isn’t complicated, but takes focus and bandwidth.  Plus, it can be really hard to address dense energy that’s related to whatever we’re working through.

I’d love to help clear the energy of your home for you!  The guides and I will support you in the normal shamanic healing session and afterwards you can relax into clean, fresh energy in your home.

This offering includes a Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing .mp3 plus a guided shamanic journey.

Added Bonus: If you’ve done “Protect your Home” with me, I’ll also reinforce the wards we put in place.

Add on to any Shamanic Healing session!

Cost: $25 (available as an add-on to a session only)


Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash