Shamanic Spring Cleaning

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As the season changes, it’s a great time to get an energetic tune up and clearing!

Just $95 for a series of shamanic healings that would normally cost $216!


cherry blossoms in full bloomThis comprehensive session includes:

  • Personalize Shamanic Healing– I’ll work with the guides to support you with whatever is most urgent right now.
  • Space Clearing for your home– Let my guides clear the energy of your home so you have a fresh and clean space in which to integrate your shamanic healing work. Learn more here.
  • The Soul Note Illumination Healing– Activates and strengthens your core soul vibration while clearing away energetic intrusions from others. Learn more here.
  • Overall Cleansing and Clearing– including entity removal if needed
  • The Soul Retrieval Refresher– Make sure all your soul parts are still present and available! Only available for those who’ve had a soul retrieval with me.  Learn more here.
  • New Guide Matchmaking– I’ll invite additional, aligned spirit guides in to help support you.

Distance Version is just $95 or upgrade to a phone/Skype session for $130.

The format: Sign up and send me an email with anything you’d like to share about how things are going for you.  I’ll do the journey within the next week and send you a brief, personalized journey report.

Want to have a phone session instead?  Just book a normal Shamanic Healing Session ($130) and put that this is for a “Shamanic Spring Cleaning” in the notes.  You can also book a 90-minute session ($170) if you’d like more personalized shamanic healing.  Please note, the phone/Skype version is only available for people who’ve had a soul retrieval with me.

Want additional support?  Whether you do a distance or phone session, you can pick additional add-ons that aren’t included in this healing at the normal prices.  Check out the add-ons here.

Ready to learn more? Get 25% off any of my courses in the Academy or 10% the Golden Ticket Offer with purchase of the Shamanic Spring Cleaning.

Cost: $95 for Distance Version


Phone/Skype Version- use the Book a Session page to set up your session.