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House to Haven- A five-week Shamanic Intensive

Transform your Home into your Ideal Habitat

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” -Le Corbusier

When working with my energetically sensitive clients, I often have an intense awareness of what environment would support, nurture and sustain them with the greatest ease, grace and joy. Their home would be profoundly protected, so that the psychic noisiness of the world would be held at bay, yet energetically clean and clear, with wonderful energies flowing through. The bedroom would feel peaceful and safe, sacred and nurturing. Their home environment would allow them to recharge and rest, not just on the physical level, but also the energetic. The home would become the optimal place from which to dream an inspired life into being.

One of the core principles of shamanism is that everything has life and spirit. It’s known as animism (from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”) and it’s the worldview that non-human entities—such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects—possess a spiritual essence. Furthermore, shamanism concerns itself with the idea of right relationship, meaning that when we are in right relationship to all around us, everything seems to conspire on our behalf. In the modern era, we have lives that are filled with interaction with objects, each with its own vibration and energy. Imagine a home filled only with objects that bring you joy and support you in your most luminous expression, each placed with care and intention in a manner that supports you. Now consider a closet with miscellaneous items piled in, some loved, some with painful memories, others retained because they might be needed in some improbable future scenario.

Most of us find it challenging to release past lives that reside in our garage. I’m offering this transformational intensive to provide deep support in releasing the things that no longer serve and organizing and honoring the ones that do. Ironically, while energetic sensitive people are often most deeply impacted by a misaligned environment, we usually have the hardest time sorting and releasing our belongings. We feel the energetic imprints of the objects we handle (or we spend a lot of energy numbing that feeling). So, when we need to move or when organizing or cleaning, it’s easy to get bogged down, stuck and overwhelmed by the release and activation of old energies. I have been inspired to clean out a closet and some hours later found myself sitting in the middle of the chaos of my livingroom, staring blankly at the piles of objects.

By creating a strong shamanic container, doing space clearing on your behalf, and supporting the process with recordings and healing sessions, I can help you transform your home into your personal sacred space. The program also addresses the practical aspects of energetic space clearing and creating protective boundaries around your home. Plus it will support you in integrating the changes that happen internally when we update and align our environment.

Program includes:

  • Five .mp3 recordings (one per week) on various aspects of the topic.
  • Bonus guided shamanic journeys on Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing
  • One distance shamanic journey per week (5 total). After the journey, I’ll email you an .mp3 describing the work.
  • Space holding and background energetic support