Shimmer Rite and Star Being

About the Shimmer Rite:

Installation of the Shimmer Rite activates connectivity with all living things at a vibrational level beyond the Heart Chakra connection. We are able to more quickly synch up with other people, especially those who have also received this Rite. We can see more dimensions with our Third Eye. We become even closer to personal interaction with the Luminous Ones. Receiving this vibration also activates another level of healing as we shed more dense layers to make room for higher frequency perception. You will also receive your personal download from the North, a deep opening of wisdom from the Ancient Ones.  This Rite comes partly out of my Munay-Ki Rites Experiences.  This Rite raises your vibration.  For more on why you’d want this, check out my article on: How to Raise Your Vibration

About Star Being Connection:

You will also receive a connection to your personal Star Being or “energy angel” that protects you, empowers your abilities to shield yourself from unwanted influences and helps you amplify your own psychic and other abilities. Your Star Being assists you in understanding and working with your own energy and energetic connections, enhancing your sense of your human self as a very important individual aspect of your entire soul, always connected to the Whole, yet precious as an incarnation here on Earth. Includes .mp3 recording about the healing and personal distance installation.

Add on to any Soul Retrieval or Shamanic Healing session!

Cost: $25 (available as an add on to session only)