Gather Your Spirit Guides

Do you feel disconnected from your passion for life, perhaps with some fatigue, loneliness, or overwhelm thrown in?

Expand and Align your Team of Helping Spirits by the Winter Solstice

No homework required!

Program begins Wednesday, Nov. 22


For thousands of years, our ancestors had support that we sadly ignore in today’s modern world through the relationship with their spirit guides.

Spirit guides can be power animals, ascended masters, ancestors, and more.  They help us to stay connected to ourselves and aligned with what matters most.  And ultimately, they make sure we never have to go it alone.

Through more than 20 years of experience of as a shamanic practitioner, working with thousands of private clients and students, I’ve become highly skilled at connecting people to aligned spirit guides.

Leading up to Winter Solstice, I’ll play shamanic matchmaker to expand your team of helping spirit and bring in guides who specifically want to support you.

Join now to get help to:

  • Access your wisdom, power, and intuition

  • Activate healing and psychic gifts

  • Have more energy and vitality

  • Increase your protection in everyday life

  • Get better sleep

  • Succeed in a specific goal or desire (see Bonus #2)

  • Stay connected to your Soul Purpose

Journey 1- Add an aligned Power Animal.  Power animals are especially good at providing protection and improving our health and vitality.  While I can’t provide individual journey reports in other parts of this program, for this journey I will tell you which power animal comes in to support you.

Journey 2- Add a Star Being.  Star Beings are helping spirits that connect us to our highest, most aligned path and help keep our energy clean and clear.  In this journey, you’ll also receive the Shimmer Rite.

Journey 3- Add an Ascended Master or Teacher Guide.  What new wisdom, training or access are you ready to receive?  I’ll bridge you to a new teacher or ascended master to help guide you.

Journey 4- Gate Keeper Guide and Guides for Protection.  A Gate Keeper guide helps all your spirit guides know the best way to interface with you.  For example, this guide will help your other spirit guides realize they can’t all talk at once and that you need to use part of the dreamtime for actual sleep, rather than talking to you all night long.  In addition, I’ll pair you up with guides that will focus on keeping your protected.  Humans are messy with both their actions and their energies and having a strong team of guides deflecting negative energies is useful.  Also, while our guides can’t guarantee nothing bad will ever happen, they can help make sure you avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sacred Space: I’ll create a container with the guides to provide sacred space through this program.  This offers 24/7 support in the background giving you a quiet, protected place to come into energetic relationship with your new guides.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions and shamanic journeywork. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered should you wish.  Just sign up.  On Nov. 22, I’ll connect you to the sacred space and begin doing the shamanic journeys.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report.

Bonus #1: Entity Clearing work- there might be some energies or entities hanging around that aren’t so helpful.  This work will also include clearing anything that’s bothering you or tagging along.  Note, if you have severe entity problems, one on one work will likely be required, but for the majority of people, this will resolve any entity issues.

Bonus #2: Guide(s) for a Specific Intention- whenever I’m working on a new endeavor or feeling stuck with something, one of my best approaches is to call in spirit guides specifically to help with the outcome or experience I’m seeking.  Maybe you need guides to help money flow or weight loss guides.  Perhaps you need help with a job search or are trying to conceive a child.  It could be guides to help you learn a new skill or hobby.  For this part, just email me with your specific area for which you’d like me to call in more helping spirits.  I’ll journey to find guides who want to be of service to you in helping with this area and bridge them into your team.

Bonus Training Offer:

Your guides can hear your requests and act on your behalf.  But many of us long to hear their messages, which means training our brains to tune in differently than we’re accustomed to doing.  If you want to work on developing shamanic journey skills, get my Shamanic Journey Training at 50% off- Just $23.


Don’t I already have guides?  Definitely!  However, this work will expand your team of helping spirits and align them specifically for your contemporary life.  You won’t lose the guides you have, but you will add in some powerful experts through this process.  Odds are there are part of life that are successful for you and areas that have more struggle or lack of progress.  Getting an updated and aligned team can help you to have better support for whatever isn’t working.

Will you tell me the names of my guides? I’ll tell you which power animal I see and provide general .mp3 journey reports for each journey, but I can’t provide names or details on your specific team of guides.  If you want to engage more deeply, check my Learn Shamanic Journey program to explore connecting in shamanic reality with your new guides.  But whether your conscious mind can hear your guides or not, they will be working on your behalf.

Is it okay to do this again if I did it last year? Absolutely!  This work will further expand and strengthen your team of guides!

I’d love more support but I don’t have time for more study or content.  Is this program for me? Absolutely! I hear you and a big part of what I want to provide is support and healing for people who are already at capacity in their lives.  I will provide .mp3 recordings that you can listen to while doing dishes or in the car, but that’s optional.  At the heart of the program, I’ll be doing the work on your behalf while you go about your daily life.

Ahhh, I’m in the Southern Hemisphere….? No worries, your spirit guide team expansion will be complete by your Summer Solstice 🙂

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $97 (Intensive Program Only)



Cost: $144  $120 (Intensive Plus Learn Shamanic Journey Program at over 50% off)