Soul Retrieval Side Effects and Soul Retrieval After Effects

woman drinking coffee contemplating the view. Text says, "Learn about soul retrieval side effects and decide if this healing is right for you."Soul retrieval is a transformative shamanic healing practice that addresses the fragmentation of the soul due to trauma. While often discussed in terms of its profound benefits, understanding the soul retrieval side effects and soul retrieval after effects can further illuminate its impact.  Because the work is occurring at the soul level, how this translates to each person’s individual experience varies. It’s not unusual for these sessions to be described as life changing. Sometimes, the results are very subtle and come in the form of increasing strength and wholeness.  You might not feel a great deal at the time, but months later you might find yourself navigating something effectively that has caused you huge challenges in the past.

In this article, I will explore the possible soul retrieval side effects (aka soul retrieval after effects), both positive and potentially challenging.  As always, please be aware that individual outcomes vary widely.

Understanding Soul Loss and Retrieval

Soul loss occurs when parts of an individual’s soul leave the whole due to trauma or other life experiences. This fragmentation can lead to various physical, emotional, and psychological issues. Soul retrieval aims to recover these lost parts and reintegrate them, promoting healing and wholeness.  For a detailed overview of the soul retrieval process, visit

Soul Retrieval Side Effects aka Soul Retrieval After Effects

1. Enhanced Vitality and Energy

One of the most notable soul retrieval side effects is an increase in vitality and energy. As lost soul parts are reintegrated, individuals often feel a renewed sense of life and vigor. This boost in energy can enhance daily activities and overall well-being, helping individuals feel more alive and engaged with life.  In my experience, for some people, this change is dramatic and immediate. For others, the greater vitality is a subtle change that provides a stronger foundation over time.

2. Emotional Healing and Release

The process of soul retrieval may help address deep-seated emotional wounds. One of the positive soul retrieval side effects may be the gentle release of pent-up emotions and the healing of old traumas. Individuals often report feeling lighter and more at peace as one of the soul retrieval side effects or soul retrieval after effects. This emotional release can lead to a greater sense of freedom and joy.  In most cases, emotional healing is a very gentle process wherein the deeper healing of soul retrieval can create distance from old wounds, hurts, and traumas.

3. Improved Mental Clarity

Soul retrieval can also enhance mental clarity. By addressing the root causes of fragmentation, the mind becomes clearer and more focused. My work personally focuses on supporting healing in areas where we might be in argument or power struggle with ourselves.  Greater inner harmony can lead to less disruptive mind chatter.

This improvement in mental clarity allows individuals to make better decisions, think more creatively, and approach life’s challenges with a sharper mind.  My guides are very good at offering perspective on events in my clients’ lives designed to activate a new understanding and opening of more aligned options.  Greater creativity and resourcefulness are some of the favorite outcomes I’ve witnessed in my 24 years of offering this work.

4. Stronger Spiritual Connections

One of the significant positive soul retrieval side effects is the strengthening of spiritual connections. As soul parts are returned, individuals often feel a deeper connection to their spirit guides, power animals, and the spiritual realm. These strengthened connections provide ongoing support, guidance, and a greater sense of belonging in the universe. This is one of the loveliest soul retrieval after effects.

5. Greater Self-Awareness

The process of soul retrieval promotes greater self-awareness. Individuals gain insights into their patterns, behaviors, and life choices, leading to personal growth and development. This increased self-awareness is a powerful tool for making positive changes and achieving personal goals.

6. Shifts in Relationships

Healing through soul retrieval can also positively impact relationships. By addressing the traumas that caused soul loss, individuals can approach relationships with a healthier, more balanced perspective. This can lead to improved communication, deeper connections, and more fulfilling relationships as one of the soul retrieval after effects.

On the other hand, it can be harder to sustain a misaligned relationship or relationship dynamic in its current configuration.  You may find yourself speaking up about things that don’t work for you without planning to do so.  Those who have received soul retrieval are more difficult to enroll in co-dependent dynamics.  In addition, gaslighting doesn’t work as well on someone with all their soul parts available.

Early in my career, I worked with someone who desperately wanted her romantic relationship to continue and sought soul retrieval as a way to help.  It was a misalignment for her goals because the stronger, more centered version of her was not as good a fit in an already tenuous relationship that included a number of dynamics that bordered on abusive.

7. Shifts in Jobs

A few of my clients have seen a shift in their job situation following a soul retrieval. For some, participation in a workplace environment is supported by resonating wounds.  If you heal those wounds nearly overnight, it will change your alignment. Soul retrieval combined with shamanic healing, at least the way I approach it, involves a very comprehensive and rapid change.  Some of my clients have expressed that they felt more change in a single session than they did following years of therapy.  If you are putting up with something unbearable to one part of you for economic advantage and stability, you many find that this isn’t something that works for you anymore.

Post-Session Integration

The period following a soul retrieval session is crucial for fully experiencing the positive soul retrieval after effects. This integration period allows individuals to adapt to the reintegrated soul parts and fully absorb the healing benefits.  For more on what to do for yourself following a soul retrieval session, see my article About Soul Retrieval

Emotional and Physical Reactions

During the integration period, individuals may experience a range of emotional and physical reactions. These can include vivid dreams, emotional releases, and physical sensations as the body adjusts to the returned soul parts. Most of my clients find these very gentle, if they notice them at all.  But I want to mention them for completeness in exploring the soul retrieval side effects.

Self-Care Practices

Self-care is a good plan during the integration period. Engaging in practices that support healing, such as journaling, meditation, and spending time in nature, can facilitate the integration process and enhance the positive soul retrieval side effects.

Soul Retrieval Side Effect of Temporary Fatigue

Feeling tired is one of the possible soul retrieval side effects. This temporary fatigue is actually a positive sign, indicating that the body is undergoing deep healing and integration. When old energy patterns and blockages are removed, the body may need extra rest to process these changes. This period of tiredness is short-lived, typically lasting 48-72 hours, and paves the way for increased energy and vitality in the long term.  You can read more about this here: Does Soul Retreival Make You Tired? While not everyone feels tired, it’s good to plan for this part of the possible soul retrieval after effects.

Collateral Healing

Another fascinating one of the soul retrieval side effects is collateral healing, where individuals experience improvements in seemingly unrelated aspects of their lives. As the fragmented parts of the soul are reintegrated, the overall harmony and balance within the person can lead to the healing of other physical, emotional, or psychological issues that were not directly addressed during the session. This holistic improvement highlights the interconnected nature of the body’s healing processes and the profound ripple effects that soul retrieval can initiate, enhancing overall well-being.  Our souls naturally hold deep, innate wisdom that go beyond our spiritual practices or thinking mind.  When the soul is given the gift of wholeness, it can bring its wisdom to bare on your entire life experience, while you go about your day-to-day life.

Upgraded Destiny Paths

Another intriguing side effect of soul retrieval is the opening of upgraded destiny paths. After a soul retrieval session, new and improved possibilities often become available. This can lead to significant life changes, such as finding a new job, pursuing a new passion, or embarking on a new life direction. These upgraded destiny paths align with the client’s true purpose and desires, creating a more fulfilling and aligned life. This shift is a powerful aspect of the soul retrieval side effects, providing a fresh perspective and new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

This opens up new manifestation possibilities.  In addition, you may simply find that this work frees up time and energy that were spent struggling with old patterns and habits.  These might simply no longer trip you up.  If you feel you sometimes self-sabotage, this can also be alleviated.  Self-sabotage is often a reflection of a power struggle between different parts of yourself trying old, outdated strategies to meet needs.

Practical Applications

Soul retrieval is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced significant trauma, such as abuse, accidents, or loss. It is also useful for individuals feeling stuck or disconnected in their lives, providing a pathway to rediscover their true selves and potential. The positive soul retrieval side effects and soul retrieval after effects make it a valuable practice for anyone seeking deeper healing and self-discovery, especially those who want an accelerated path forward.


Soul retrieval is a powerful healing practice that offers numerous positive side effects for individuals seeking to heal from trauma and restore their inner wholeness. In addition, soul retrieval after effects of profound healing and transformation can cause short term discomfort such as fatigue as well as changes to an individual’s ability to tolerate misaligned situations and relationship dynamics.

By reclaiming lost soul parts, individuals can experience increased vitality, emotional healing, improved mental clarity, stronger spiritual connections, greater self-awareness, and enhanced relationships. As an ancient practice with modern relevance, soul retrieval provides a pathway to profound personal transformation and a deeper connection to one’s true self. The overall positive soul retrieval side effects make it a valuable tool for those seeking holistic healing and personal empowerment.

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